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About Us


The Greene County Community Foundation (GCCF) was established on January 31, 2005 to serve and enhance the quality of life in Greene County. The foundation will be permanently endowed and will accept and is actively seeking donations, major gifts and bequests, all of which will be tax deductible. These donations are invested. Fund income distributions will be made on a scheduled basis to charitable organizations for specific project grants to benefit Greene County, its communities and unincorporated areas.

Board of Directors

GCCF Board Members

Karen Shannon

Patty Fisher

Linda Hedges

Tim Heisterkamp

Megan Holz

Bill Raney

Connie Boyd

Bill Monroe

Heidi Hunter

Pam Olerich

Perry Parker

Doug Rieder

Libby Towers

Erick Johnson

GCCF Executive Committee

Karen Shannon, President

Vice President

Megan Holz, Secretary

Pam Olerich, Treasurer

Linda Hedges, Historian

Bill Raney, Grant Making

Tim Heisterkamp, Nominating, Endowment


Dave Sherry, Staff

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For more information about Greene County Community Foundation or to become involved, contact any board member or contact: [email protected]


Greene County Community Foundation
115 W. State St.
Jefferson, IA 50129