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Greene County Community Foundation Gives Away Over $151,000 In Grants
November 23, 2018

The Greene County Community Foundation held its 13th annual Donor Recognition and Grand Awards Ceremony Monday night.

President Tom Wind said they received $534,000 in requests from 42 applications. The Community Foundation awarded $151,342 to 15 projects. He told Raccoon Valley Radio about the delima the 23-member board had when deciding what projects to award grant funds to.

“So we gave out about $1 for every $3 that was requested of us. So we had to turn down a lot of really worthwhile requests. So it was a little hard for the board to kind of pick and choose the 15 projects that we got out of the 42 that requested money.”

Projects ranged from the smaller end with $1,500 to New Opportunities of Greene County to provide backpacks to area youth for their Back-To-School Supply Drive, to a $29,800 project at the Sierra Community Theatre to renovate both the men and women’s restrooms and make them Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Wind added that hearing about the projects that did receiving funding was a highlight for him.

“We have people that have put a lot of time into writing a grant, really believe in the projects that they are doing, which usually involves a lot of volunteer labor, and there’s just a lot of input by those groups. And then to give this money out, and to have them be so happy to get the money, makes it kind of a fun evening for everybody.”

A full list of all of the recipients, as well as what the funds will be used for, can be found below.